Christ Church Outreach Team Application

This application is designed to better ensure that you, your team leaders, and our hosts all have a positive missions experience. It is therefore essential that this be completed in its entirety. Confidentiality will be maintained.

Note:  Once accepted to the team, 50% of the cost of airfare will be required.



The Christ Church Missions Outreach Office shall hold and maintain the confidential information provided in this application in strictest confidence. It shall carefully restrict access to confidential information to the team leader of the trip applied for, and the Global Missions Committee members as is reasonably required. It shall not permit the use of any confidential information by others. It will not share private or confidential information in a careless manner or intentionally allow anyone access to private or confidential information.


Your passport must be valid for at least six (6) months beyond your departure date from the country you will be visiting.  A copy of your passport is required at the time of acceptance to the team and prior to the purchase of airline tickets.

In the event of an emergency, please notify the following person:
Please summarize your educational and/or vocational training, beginning with high school including any certificate and graduate work completed.

V. MEDICAL INFORMATION (Strictly confidential, this record will be destroyed six months after return)
Please list medical conditions which may affect you when going into an area where there may be physical stresses and lack of adequate medical care and where emergency services may not be readily available.

The last part of your application is perhaps the most important. We are asking you to sign a covenant of participation, the points of which are listed below. These are the common expectations we have of every team and every team member.

1.    I am willing to participate in all team building and training events over the next few months as determined by my team leader(s).


2.    I will covenant to be a team player rather than an independent operator of this mission trip, submitting to the team leadership and the needs of the group over my own.


3.    I will be submissive to our national hosts or local project leaders in a way that honors them and the Gospel.

4.    I will for the sake of the cultural context abstain from the use of alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs. 

5.    I will adhere to and abide by the Outreach Team Funding Policy and understand its meaning and its intent. 


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