Enter Parent Information

LIABILITY RELEASE FOR PERSONS UNDER THE AGE OF 18. I am the parent or legal guardian of the person being registered for this event, who may desire to participate in various activities sponsored by Christ Church of Oak Brook ("CCOB") during the period beginning on September 1, 2020 and ending August 31, 2021 ("Events"). I understand that CCOB intends to take reasonable precautions to assure the safety and security of participants in Events, but acknowledge that, even with such precautions, there is a possibility of injury or death or loss of or damage to property.

By Completing and submitting this form I agree to the following:

  1. I give my permission for the Minor named to participate in Events.
  2. In consideration of CCOB's allowing the Minor to participate, I release CCOB and its members, officers, directors, employees and agents from any liability for injury to or death of, or damage to or loss of personal property belonging to, the Minor occurring in connection with any event.
  3. Should an accident or other medical emergency occur in connection with an Event, I authorize a physician selected by the representative of CCOB to approve any medical treatment deemed necessary, including but not limited to trauma treatment, administration of medication, hospitalization, anesthesia and surgery.
  4. I also agree that any photographs, video recordings and voice recordings of the Minor taken in connection with participation in any Christ Church event will be the property of Christ Church of Oak Brook and may be used by Christ Church of Oak Brook for any promotional and informational purposes it deems appropriate. Possible uses include but are not limited to exhibits, displays, DVDs and CDs, printed collateral, Web pages and external periodicals.
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