Missional Community


MissionalCommunity | A Missions-Focused Small Group
Tuesdays | 7:00pm - 9:00pm | Atrium

Have you been wondering what it means to “live missionally”? A loving, supportive, outward-focused community is forming to grow the missional heart and be a presence for Christ in our neighborhoods, our workplaces, and everywhere we encounter others. Come explore Jesus’ call to join God’s redemptive mission for the world and extend your everyday Kingdom impact. Our Tuesday night sessions include worship, breaking bread together, and interactive study with lots of discussion and special guest speakers. Learn about the Mission of God, experience spiritual formation that sustains everyday missionaries, and build a faith that acts to change the world.

Our Format

Our Tuesday night sessions will typically include a song or two of worship, a chance to break bread together, and study of God’s mission for us and how we can live into it. The sessions will be interactive and multimedia, with lots of discussion, some videos, and lots of special guest speakers. The first few sessions will convene in the Atrium at church, but after those first few we may begin to meet in homes or out in the community. In between sessions there will likely be challenges that invite us to step outside our comfort zones — for example, “Invite someone to dinner this week with whom you would not typically share a meal.”

“The Event” on Saturday, April 27th is a departure from the normal format as we undertake an exciting exploration of our own stories. Breaking our lives down into chapters defined by important events, we’ll begin to discover when and how God has worked in us or spoken to us throughout our lives. At the end, we’ll have a clearer sense of our identities, our callings, and God’s purpose for our futures.

Our Goal

While the group bears some similarities to small groups, workshops and outreach teams, this Missional Community is about something more: sparking culture change. We’re seeking to educate, equip and inspire this core group of people from various “corners” of Christ Church with the hope that they will in turn influence their own circles, inspiring their peers to think missionally as well.

For more information or to register contact:
Peter Celauro |
 pcelauro@christchurch.us | 630.321.6751

Date/Time:4/16/2019 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM   Add To Your Calendar
Contact:Peter Celauro
(630) 321-6751